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About Us


Partnership Training Limited was established in 2012, led by two dedicated former Registered Care Managers, with a drive to ensure apprenticeships have a powerful and worthwhile impact on the learner to benefit the vulnerable person being supported. 

As a specialist in Health and Social Care for Adults and Children and Young People services our industry knowledge and expertise has forged the values and ethos that we intertwine in all our practices. 
All Vocational Tutors have held management roles in the sector with a wealth of experience to help bring the curriculum to life. 

We believe strongly in working with employers and learners to promote best practice in care based on Sector Skills Council guidelines and the values of employers.

Our Approach

Partnership Training Limited is fueled by the strength of our staff, learners, and the employers that we work closely with. Using this dynamic 360-degree view has enabled us to create endless learning opportunities for students enhanced the offer provided to employers. Each student has a personal, customised path that is specifically built for their goals, skill level and pace, in line with employer wishes and needs and crafted together with the manager. 

We’re incredibly proud of our apprenticeships, which focus on encouraging knowledge, skills and behaviours relevant to the sector, with high engagement and academic curiosity that overcomes all classroom and geographical barriers. If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling,  get in touch.

Jan 2023 Ofsted Report

'They work closely with employers to develop a bespoke range of apprenticeships to recruit, develop, retain and rebuild the care workforce'

'Apprentices quickly learn the skills they need to become valuable members of staff'






Our Values 

Values - the principles at the heart of what we do at PTL

Open - We practice an open, honest and transparent, approach

Integrity - We promote fairness. we do the right thing in a reliable way even when this is not the easiest path

Collaborative - We work better together

Effective - We identify, design, and deliver what we promise. 

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