'I became employed by Partnership Training Ltd in August 2018.

My admiration for the company however,  began in July 2018 at interview. The passion for learning and development was evident and infectious, so much so, that it inspired me as a learner to enrol on a degree the day after my interview, prior to even receiving confirmation of a role within the team.  

The culture of Partnership Training is one of empowering learners to aim higher, to develop and  motivate learners to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We set high standards and we believe in our learners working in partnership with employers to ensure that the qualifications we deliver are empowering and developing their staff to our high expectations for them.  

I have learned more about the industry and my role in the last 14 months than I have in the previous 5 years, I am motivated daily to aim higher and am supported in my role to achieve success. Continued professional development is a passion of Partnership Training and I look forward to continued personal and professional development.

Michelle McDonnell - Vocational Tutor

Working For Us

'Partnership Training have supported my professional development and growth from the very beginning when I started as an apprentice in April 2016.

I am constantly learning and have developed my own confidence and skills immensely from when I first joined.

I now have the ability to face new challenges as they occur with a positive 'can do' approach to find resolutions and innovative new ways of working as Partnership Training is a diverse and dynamic environment to work in.  

Being with the company is a fun experience and one that has supported me in many ways to develop my personal and career skills. 

The managers are approachable and go the extra mile to support you, making you feel fully included and always striving for the best for all of the learners, employers and staff.'

Lauren Jones - Office Administrator 

'I have worked at Partnership Training Ltd since January 2013. I can honestly say that my time working for this company has been the happiest of my working career. The directors are the most supportive managers I have ever worked for.

The company name really sums up the ethos and culture of the organisation. Everyone is recognised and respected for their contributions and input, we are a real team. We support each other and are always there for each other through thick and thin.

One of the things I have always respected about the directors is that quality has always come first to ensure that the learners needs are at the heart of everything we do.

They have grown and developed the company at a steady rate to ensure the values of the company have remained at the heart of the organisation. The partnership working that is at the core of the internal company structure is also reflected in the relationships we build with our learners and employers. I love being part of Partnership Training Ltd and hope I continue to be, for many years to come.'

Julie Spencer - Vocational Training Manager